6 Common Baby Massage Mistakes To Avoid

6 Common Baby Massage Mistakes To Avoid

6 Common Baby Massage Mistakes To Avoid

It’s great feeling to give your precious little one a baby massage. As we know, there are lots of benefits for your baby from regular baby massage in Singapore. One of the important things is learning how to do your baby massage properly to ensure maximum benefits.

In this article, we will cover a few of the common mistakes parents can make with baby massage, and how to avoid them.

1. DON’T follow a strict routine for your Baby Massage

Don’t pressure your baby into having massage at a certain scheduled time. Try to catch the right moment when your baby is in the mood. According to experts, it can be stressful for your baby to get a massage at the wrong time, or when he/she is not relaxed and in the mood.

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The perfect time may be in the morning. Or it may be before bedtime, or after bath. Every baby is different, and your baby may like a massage at different times. Always ask for your baby’s permission before you start massage.

Although your baby cannot tell you yes or no, you can understand your baby’s response by taking note of their posture and body language. One of the ways to sense a “no” is if you see lack of eye-contact, or notice that your baby is about to cry.

2. DON’T let your strokes be too light

From our experience at Therapist on Wheels, your baby may not enjoy very light touches, as it can be too ticklish. Instead, try to press lightly on the skin.

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A light but firm touch is the ideal way to give your baby massage. You can do it using your entire hand or palm. By watching your baby’s face, you can easily understand if your baby is okay with your touch or not.


3. DO keep learning

There are plenty of “how-to” videos and resources available, as well as a short course provided by Therapists on Wheels. By following the steps provided by a professional baby massage therapist, you can make sure you are providing a quality massage.

Some babies prefer a longer massage and some prefer shorter ones. For this reason, watching baby’s posture is another way for parents to learn about their baby.

Of course, learning how to do baby massage correctly takes time and cannot be learnt overnight.


4. DON’T be distracted when giving Massage

Distraction can make you rush when you massage your baby. It could be anything, such as watching TV, receiving calls, or even lack of eye-contact. As a result, your baby massage may not be as effective.

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To avoid this, choose a quiet place for your baby to massage, free from distractions. You can play some soft music in the background to keep you company, and also sooth your baby.

5. DO use top quality natural oils

If your baby is under six months, it’s better to choose massage oils that don’t have such a strong scent. Also be sure that you choose only top quality oils to ensure the best results for your baby. At Therapist on Wheels, we make sure to use all natural coconut oil for baby massage in Singapore, to keep your little one’s skin soft and tender.

The fragrance of what oils you use can also help your baby to identify your touch. This can help to strengthen the parent-baby bond during massage.

6. DON’T stop massaging after a few months

While many babies including premature babies can get a lot of benefits from massage, don’t forget to consult with your physician first.

When your baby starts getting older, you may choose to stop the massage. However, research says that regular loving human touch can help your baby to grow mentally, physically, and socially. For this reason, don’t be in a hurry to stop the baby massage too soon.


Final Thoughts

We hope these few tips give you a clearer idea of how to give the best baby massage for your little one.

If you need professional baby massage in Singapore, or a short course from one of our Therapists, get in touch with us here.

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