How to stay stress free during Pregnancy

How to stay stress free during Pregnancy

How to stay stress free during Pregnancy

Stress is an inevitable part of our lives, whether during pregnancy or not. However, the symptoms of pregnancy itself are quite stressful. However, when you are carrying your little bundle of joy within you, it means you have to say a clear NO to the stress. But, can you do it?

Life is an ongoing process where we have to face a number of problems during our day-to-day life, many of them which we cannot control. On the other hand, when you have to wake up with body pain, feeling nauseated even at the look of the meal and when it seems that the weight of this world has been put on your shoulders, you will definitely feel stressed. Most importantly, due to the pregnancy hormones, you will feel out of control to deal with any stressful situation. So, what should we do?


The Effect of Stress on You and Your Baby During Pregnancy

Before we get started, let’s answer one of the most serious concerns of the moms-to-be; is the stress harmful for your baby? The answer is yes, but it depends on the level of your stress. The stress over serious issues can lead to greater damage like high blood pressure of the mother which can lead to premature delivery or even worse, it can lead to the miscarriage.

The long term effects of the stress on the baby can be behavioral problems in the child or development of serious health issues later in life. We know that you can’t keep away from the stress while dealing with the problems of your life as well as being pregnant, but some great tips can help you to lessen down the level of your stress and feel relaxed and fresh during pregnancy.


Ways to Stay Relax and Prevent Stress

1. Eat Healthy Food

This is the first tip to having a healthy pregnancy, as an unhealthy or poor diet can lead to the increase of your stress level.

healthy food during pregnancy

Imagine the time, when you were dull and thinking about every negative thing happening in your life. When you are weak and your body is not getting enough nutrients, it will definitely be not strong enough to fight against stress. When your stamina is low, your ability to resolve any problem or deal with the stress will be lower as well. So, it is important to eat healthy food and take a proper balanced diet which will help your body and mind to fight against every situation, even your backache.

 2. Light Exercise

Pregnancy obviously does not allow you to lift heavy weights but it does not mean you cannot exercise. Light exercises like yoga and a short walk can help you to keep yourself active and it will also assist you in reducing stress.

How is it helpful? A daily walk can help you to clear your mind, especially if you are taking a walk in a natural environment. Choose a time of a day when you feel relaxed for this kind of activity like a time in the morning or evening. The hustle and bustle of the park will also help you to entertain yourself with the liveliness of your surroundings.

pregnancy massage - yoga

Another good choice is yoga, which is all about stretching and breathing. Both of the processes are a great source to decrease your worries and will also help you to prepare yourself for an easy birthing process. Not only this, yoga also helps you to lower your blood pressure which means less chances of premature birth of your baby.

3. Meditation

Meditation is just another way to get peace of mind using the breathing technique. This is the technique which helps you to have a sound sleep and rest well as it relaxes you mind.

How is it helpful? Meditation can help you loosen up your stressed muscles and help you feel relaxed using deep inhaling and exhaling technique. It also helps you to concentrate in a better way which leads to the early solution of your daily life problems; in short, less stress over mundane problems.

4. Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Prenatal Massage is not only a technique reserved for hands. It is a handy work which helps your body to relax and release tension while lying down peacefully. Pregnancy or prenatal massage will aid you to release your worries while you concentrate on your baby.

How is it helpful? The expert massage therapists know where the pressure points are to release stress from your body. While trusting your therapist, you can get comfortable and enjoy the perfect massage while feeling your baby in a womb.

If you are looking for a good prenatal massage therapist in Singapore, Therapist on Wheel is the perfect place for you. Our expert therapists will help to gently release the tension from your body and mind by using their tested healing hand techniques.


What should you do if nothing helps?

Sometimes problems are worse than we understand them. If you feel stressed frequently and the cycle of sadness and anxiety is not tamed by any technique, then you might develop depression, which is also common during pregnancy.

Consult with your obstetrician or midwife, or directly take a psychotherapy session with the good consultant. Sometimes few sessions can help you to get back to your normal and happy routine. Don’t forget that you are growing a precious little baby in you who is a great source of happiness and comfort.

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