8 Benefits of Baby Massage

8 Benefits of Baby Massage

8 Benefits of Baby Massage

Having a baby is nothing short of a miracle. This little bundle of joy brings immense joy in your life. However to completely enjoy this happiness, you need a happy satisfied baby who eats and sleeps well.

We, as parents, do not compromise on any matter related to our baby. It may be about health, diet, or anything else. So how can we compromise on the most basic needs of our baby? This is where the importance of baby massage comes in.

You can never neglect the huge impact of a good massage that is needed by the baby. Therapist on Wheels in Singapore is a trusted choice for your baby to get an exceptional massage. Each of our therapists are trained professionals with years of experience. If anyone still does not fully understand it’s impact, then they should look through the following benefits of baby massage in Singapore:


1. Aids in reducing jaundice:

Every baby that is born suffers from jaundice, which may vary from mild to severe stages. It has been proven by several studies that good massage of newborns can help them recover from jaundice at a more rapid rate as compared to those newly born babies that are not massaged.


2. Improves nervous system:

A baby’s delicate skin has a direct contact with their nervous system. A good massage of baby’s skin can trigger his central nervous system to produce relaxing hormone which will help to soothe the baby. And also a good massage can help in the rapid development of the baby’s nervous system which is vital for it’s optimal growth and development.


3. Aids in proper digestion:

A genuine massage of the baby can help the baby to relieve the colic issues. Babies, due to limitation of movement and consumption of milk continuously, can face multiple digestive problems such as constipation or trapping of gas. The uneasiness caused by these issues can make the baby cry and fuss alot. At such times, a proper massage of the baby by trained professionals, specially that of the Therapist on Wheels can prove wonders in helping the baby.


4. Assists in ideal blood circulation:

Baby massage on regular basis improves the circulation of blood in babies. Enhanced circulation helps in the optimal supply of blood to the growing organs of the baby so that it’s body and mostl importantly it’s brain and CNS can obtain the required nutrients. Overall it results in an active and healthy baby.


5. Useful for the premature babies to gain weight:

A study has proven by a significant percentage that the premature babies that were massaged regularly gained more weight than that of those babies who were not massaged regularly. This is a major discovery considering the fact that more than 1 million babies are born premature every year. Raising awareness around the world regarding the importance of body massage can help the premature ones to be able to recover efficiently, a fact that is vital for both well-being of the baby and for helping the worried parents.


6. Positively impacts the baby physically and socially:

Whenever a baby is massaged regularly, the baby can respond to it with certain cues to show its satisfaction and happiness. A good and gentle massage of the baby’s hands, feet, body and face can have a huge positive impact on the bonding of the baby and the parents. Responding to the baby cues helps you to create a strong bond with your baby which has a calming effect on both the parents and the baby.


7. Enhances the sleep cycle of the baby:

Sleep cycle is greatly induced by how satisfied the baby is internally. He may be uneasy and crying all night even if there’s no apparent problem. In order to solve this issue, parents must try the ideal massage offered by Therapist on Wheels to see themselves how a professional massuese can work wonders with her hands and techniques.


8. Helps in teething pain:

Teething pain can be widely reduced by the use of a good baby face massage. Applying light pressure on specific areas on the baby’s face can assist in releasing the pain reducing hormore, endorphins that can calm the baby.

If you would like to know more about massage therapy for your baby, feel free to contact our therapists for a free consultation. You can book our services, or even learn how to give baby massage yourself. Get in touch with us for further information.

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