The Benefits of Postnatal Massage

The Benefits of Postnatal Massage

The Benefits of Postnatal Massage

Therapist on wheels is a specialist in pregnancy-related massages across Singapore. Each of our therapists is professionally trained and certified, with experience in maternity homes all over Singapore. TOW is renowned for our postpartum massage Singapore and Postnatal massage Singapore.

Our therapy is focused on the clever use of hand to promote calmness, relaxation and soothing in the customers. It results in proper blood flow. However, it also enhances the energy to the body of pregnant women. All our massages are designed to maintain an optimum level of Qi & Yang.

If you are not yet familiar with the benefits of post natal or postpartum massage, read on to learn more.


Why should mothers use Post Natal massage in Singapore

We can all appreciate the sacrifice a mother makes when carrying her child in her womb for 9 months. This time period is often accompanied by pains of different kinds, as well as changes in a mother’s body. Furthermore, mothers may also experience sleeplessness or short term insomnia because of breastfeeding their newborn baby. It’s during this time that postpartum massage may be needed. Here are just a few ways that our massage therapy services can help new mothers feel more happy and relaxed.

  • Relieving aches and pains
  • Relaxing the muscles
  • Alleviate strain on back, hips, and tummy.
  • Increase oxygen circulation throughout the muscles.
  • Help to remove harmful chemicals and toxins
  • Release endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers
  • The body secretes oxytocins, smoothing milk flow to breasts.
  • Minimise anxiety and depression
  • Lymphatic drainage to flush toxins from the body.
  • Improve immune system

TOW suggests beginning post natal massage therapy about one week after your child is born, in the case of natural childbirth. For mothers who have gone through a Cesarean birth, its advisable to wait 30 days before beginning. We usually suggest a course of 10 sessions in order to get the maximum results from the therapy.


Post Partum Slimming massage in Singapore

Many women will experience weight gain during pregnancy. This is completely normal. However, returning to your previous weight after your baby is born can sometimes be difficult. This is yet another benefit if post natal massage – to help mothers to lose some of the pregnancy weight.

Whether you had a difficult birth experience or your baby’s birth went smoothly, a woman’s body undergoes quite a bit of structural realignment during pregnancy and childbirth. Postpartum slimming massage helps you to restore your muscle tone in the abdomen and reposition the pelvis.

Some particular benefits can include:

  • Decreases the tension built up in mind.
  • Soothe muscles
  • Improve hormonal imbalance
  • Minimise swelling in abdomen

If you are interested to know more about our post natal massage or post partum slimming therapy, drop us a message here or book an appointment today.

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