Everything You Need to Know About Baby Massage

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Massage

Everything You need to know about Baby Massage

Know what’s best for your little one.

What do the grownups need after a long and tiring day of work and stress? Well, obviously there will be nothing better than a relaxing and therapeutic massage. Massage can help to relax our tense nerves and give us the comfort we deserve.

But do you think that only adults get tired of a long day? Science does not think so. You might be surprised to know that even little ones get tired after playing all day long. Even play requires strength and skills right?


How massage can work wonders for children

professional baby massage

Our babies need massages too and they need them not just to feel relaxed. Baby massage can also make their bones and muscles strong. Using the movement of an adults hands can make their bones flexible and less tensed. It can also relax their muscles for more power ahead.

But wait! These are not the only benefits of a baby massage. You will be thrilled to know that a massage for your baby can introduce numerous health benefits for him.

  • It can support a healthy weight gain, so you will be sure that your baby is healthy and not obese.
  • It will aid in your babies digestion, and a healthy tummy surely supports a healthy life.
  • It will for sure improve blood circulation.
  • Help ease teething pains
  • Assist in the baby’s development: mentally, socially and also physically
  • The babies stay relaxed
  • They cry less because they are tension free,
  • A healthy mind helps them to sleep better, and a healthy sleep helps and supports the speedy recovery and growth of new cells.

The right guide to a perfect massage

After reading about all these exciting benefits that your baby can enjoy, mom’s are surely interested in how they can give their baby a massage? Well, mommies! Don’t be in such a hurry because there are a whole lot of things that you need to keep in mind when you get into a massage for your baby.

  • Always keep a soft touch. Remember that your baby still has soft bones, far more fragile than an adult’s.
  • Always use slightly warm oil, baby’s skin is very thin and new, you don’t want it to be damaged by hot oil.
  • Use bare hands because there is nothing better for a baby than skin to skin interaction.
  • Use organic oils, or oils that are prescribed by your doctor. Don’t assume or choose oils by yourself!
  • Last, we will always suggest you to hire a professional to help you learn more about your baby’s massage.


Therapist on Wheels Baby Massage Singapore

If you are wondering how you can learn about baby massage, look no further. Therapist on Wheels provides professional baby massage services in Singapore.

Aside from providing massage for your baby, we also provide teaching and training for parents and caretakers in the best practices and methods for your baby massage.

Want to know more? Contact us for more information or book your baby massage appointment today.

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