Back pains during pregnancy? We have your back.

Back pains during pregnancy? We have your back.

Back pains during pregnancy? We have your back.

Women who recently became a part of mother can agree that their full center of attention and devotion becomes their newborn baby. Everything they do or strive for is focused on their baby. This never ending 24-hour job makes it quite hard for mothers to tend to their personal needs.

Backaches are a common problem reported among postnatal women. This is mostly caused by the multitude of physical changes that occur in women during pregnancy and delivery. Moreover, studies have shown that women who have reported back pain problem before the pregnancy and during it are more viable to postnatal backache. Some of the main contributory factors of a constant backache after pregnancy are:


Loosening of muscles and joints during pregnancy:

The hormones released during the time of pregnancy helps in stretching of the abdominal muscles to compensate for the growing uterus. The joints and ligaments in the pregnant women also tend to become loose and fragile due to the multiple hormonal changes occurring in them. This loosening of abdominal muscles puts increased stress on the spinal cord resulting in back pain. The increasing weight, shift of center of gravity and the changing postures all contribute to put strain on the back of pregnant women, which even lasts after the baby is delivered.

Decreased bone mineral density during pregnancy:

Various research studies have proven that loss of bone mineral density (BMD) during pregnancy is a prevailing cause of persistence of back pain symptoms for longer periods of time. The risk factors such as previous history of back pain, the type of occupation and any ill habits such as smoking or drinking were also accountable to the longevity of the back ache in the postpartum period.

Physical stress during delivery:

Most of the women have long lasting arduous labors that take a toll on their overall health. The contractions during labor makes women use the set of muscles very extensively to the level they have not used them before. The after-effects of such intense pains last for quite some time and tend to weaken females resulting in backache among other problems.


Factors during postpartum period:

Many new mothers inadvertently make their back problems worse by not using good posture while breastfeeding, picking up the baby, and other functions of their daily routine. The increased exhaustion and stress can tense up neck and back muscles, making them incompetent to meet the daily needs of a newborn baby.

In order to help women combat the constant backache problem after pregnancy, Therapist on Wheels has come forth with a Meridians and Tissue Manipulation Therapy in Singapore that focuses primarily on aches and pains faced by mothers after the birth of their offspring. Our professional therapists are certified to properly care for women going through postnatal pains.

We focus on the tightened muscles of abdomen and muscle separation to assist the mothers in relaxing and getting relief from the pain which eventually aids them in loosing the weight gained during pregnancy.

In Meridians and Tissue Manipulation Therapy in Singapore, a buffalo horn is employed by the masseuse to penetrate into the deeper layer of tissues of muscles which releases the knots and thus provides relief from back pain and stiff muscles. The Meditrina cream with Chasteberry extract used during this therapy has multiple healing properties. It promotes tightening of loose skin, increases blood circulation, and aids in pH and hormonal balance. Women looking for postpartum treatment in Singapore must opt for this therapy if they are looking for long term internal healing of muscles and instant relaxation.

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