Breast Engorgement Therapy – A Pain Relief for New Mothers

Breast Engorgement Therapy – A Pain Relief for New Mothers

Breast Engorgement Therapy – A Pain Relief for New Mothers

Breast engorgement is a common problem that occurs in women who are breastfeeding their babies. It is more prevalent in new mothers and occurs when women shift from producing colostrum to milk a few days after delivery. The expansion of the mammary glands and the pressure exerted as a result during breast engorgement is quite uncomfortable and even painful at certain times.

The increased production of breast milk must be compensated by regularly feeding the baby, however most of the time engorgement alters the ability of a baby to latch on to the breast, making it more difficult for the mothers to recover from it.


Signs and symptoms of breast engorgement:

Most women describe engorgement as hot and lumpy breasts, which may sometimes extend to even armpits. It can occur on one breast or more commonly, in both breasts. Swelling or edema during engorgement makes the breast skin appear shiny and stretched. It also alters the curvature of nipple, making it flat and inverted, which greatly impacts the ability of the child to latch in a negative way thus making the situation worse.

A fever of 37 to 38°C mostly occurs in women, which might subside after 24 hours. It is very necessary to resolve the issue of breast engorgement as early as possible because it can lead to blockage of mammary ducts and mastitis if left untreated.

Causes of breast engorgement:

The reasons behind breast engorgement range over a variable factors. One of the primary reason behind it is failing to remove breast milk after few days of delivery when the blood circulation and lymphatic flow to the mammary glands is increased. The inability of the child to latch properly, not emptying the breast fully of milk due to infrequent breastfeeding, poor attachment and suckling of the nipple by the baby, change in breastfeeding routine or ending it altogether leads to breast engorgement.

Effective treatment of breast engorgement:

Since it is necessary to remove excess milk from the breast, one must try to breastfeed the baby or hand-express the milk to release the pressure due to engorgement. However, most of the times mothers are unable to use the proper techniques for effective relief from the pain. That’s where the importance of breast engorgement therapy comes in.

Therapist on Wheels offer the best service of breast engorgement massage in Singapore that primarily focuses on resolving the issue as early and effectively as possible. The professional masseuses at the Therapist on Wheels forum are thoroughly trained and experienced to deal with the breast engorgement with swift yet gentle massaging techniques. They assist in soothing painful breasts by following the established protocol for getting rid of engorged breasts. The steps involved include application of compression (both hot and cold) to reduce edema and increase the milk flow, breast support and voidance of excess milk.

This methodical breast engorgement therapy in Singapore helps mothers in achieving complete relief from the pain and discomfort they are experiencing. Multiple positive responses and outcomes has made the forum of Therapist on Wheels stand out from its competitors and has gained it a loyal customer base that swears by their efficient massages and therapies due to the rapid positive results.

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