Everything you need to know about Prenatal Massage

Everything you need to know about Prenatal Massage

Everything you need to know about Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is quite beneficial for the relaxation of expectant mothers and improvement of their overall health. Prenatal massage is usually considered safe in all trimesters, however special care should be taken of women going through first trimester with symptoms such as morning sickness and acidity. Professional masseuse such as that present in the Prenatal spa Singapore focus specifically on the aches and pains related to the increasing stress on the body of mothers due to their growing fetus while taking all the precautionary measures that are a necessity of this procedure.

Prenatal massage Singapore acknowledges that it is not always easy for pregnant women to cope up with changes occuring in their body effortlessly. Throughout the pregnancy, moms-to-be regularly suffer from neck and back pain, sciatica and swollen hands and feet. Secondary to this, the frustration and anxiety related to the hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy add to the risk of miscarriage in expectant mothers.

A professional prenatal massage at TOW Singapore focuses on the needs of each pregnant woman individually to alleviate their symptoms by using only safe massaging methods and help them to relax and enjoy their experience.


Benefits of Prenatal Massage:

There are multiple benefits of a exceptional prenatal massage such as:

  • It helps in getting relief from lower back pain which is most common during pregnancy due to forward tilted pelvis and increasing weight of expecting mothers.
  • Regular prenatal massages aid in alleviating joints pain, which is mostly caused by relaxation of joints and ligaments by pregnancy hormones, making them susceptible to pain and discomfort.
  • Massages help you to calm your senses, this relaxation in turn helps with insomnia and improves a pregnant woman’s sleep.
  • Directed safe massaging methods on hands and legs reduces the edema (if its not due to any medical condition such as preeclampsia) by stimulating soft tissues to drain fluids retained in them.
  • It also helps in getting rid of toxins that get accumulated in the body by triggering the function of lymphatic system.
  • Prenatal massages significantly reduce neck and shoulder pain, leg pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel pain and headaches.
  • Women who received massages as part of their prenatal care on regular basis have lower risk of preterm birth and are shown to have healthy pregnancies carried to full term.
  • Studies have proven that pregnancy massage of depressed women elevated the levels of dopamine and serotonin (‘feel good’ hormones) and decreased the levels of norepinephrine and cortisol (hormones indicating of stress), which greatly improved their overall mood.
  • Better blood circulation and improved oxygenation of the overall muscles of pregnant women are also included in the benefits of prenatal massage.

How is prenatal massage different from a regular one?

It is crucial that pregnant women are handled with the utmost care possible. Prenatal massages such as Swedish massage are considered safe in general, however only an expert masseuse will stay away from the pressure points associated with starting contractions. The trained staff at Prenatal massage center Singapore will acknowledge your needs and assist you in achieving a relaxed side turned posture so that you can comfortably enjoy your prenatal massage experience.

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