Jamu Herbal Bath

Jamu Herbal Bath

jamu herbal bath singapore

Enjoy traditional home use Jamu Herbal Bath and medicinal drinks to improve health and relieve stress or discomfort. Using the knowledge we have gained through years of experience, we are able to to recommend the right herbal bath and blends that can help ease your ailments. The herbs may be used for consuming in drinks or external use for your herbal bath.

Jamu Herbal Bath from TOW is a customized service which recommends the correct jamu mixtures for your needs. Speak to us for further information.

What is Jamu?

Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine which has been passed down through generations. It is a unique combination of local wisdom, culture and tradition. A vast variety of plants throughout Indonesia are used to prepare Jamu. Just a few of its usages include healing, health, and beauty.

Due to its natural ingredients and affordability, Jamu remains a popular alternative to modern medicine. Jamu is commonly used throughout Indonesia as well as other countries across the region.

Jamu is predominantly made from natural ingredients including roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. Here are just a few of the common Jamu herbal medicines and their uses.

Jamu Herbal Medicine in Singapore

Rice Galanga Drink

Beras kencur or rice Galanga drink is a type of drink made with rice and galanga as the main ingredients. White or brown sugar is often used as the sweetener. It has a light brown color and a sweet taste. Rice galanga drink is believed increase appetite and vitality, and also reducing fatigue.

tumeric tamarind

Turmeric Tamarind Drink

Kunyit asam or turmeric tamarind drink is a traditional medicinal drink made from turmeric, tamarind, brown sugar and water. It has an orange color and slightly sour flavor. Drinking Kunyit Asam is believed to aid in digestion problems, maintaining body weight, and relieve menstrual cramps.


Curcuma Zanthorriza Drink

Curcuma zanthorriza or temulawak is a spice similar to turmeric which also belongs to the ginger family. The drink is made by mixing the curcuma zanthorriza extract with water. The medicinal use of the drink has been known to reduce cholesterol, preserve liver function, and improve resistance against cancer.