Meridians and Tissues Manipulation Therapy

Meridians And Tissues Manipulation Therapy

post partum treatment in Singapore - MTM therapy


Postpartum treatment in Singapore can help new mothers to relief aches and pains after birth. Backache and sore muscles are common problems that most women face after pregnancy. One of the main causes of backaches is the extra weight during pregnancy that makes your back muscles work harder.

In most cases, this kind of pain will go away on its own within several months. However, some women may continue to have that pain for longer period of time. There are several other possible causes for severe backaches after delivery. This could include hormone changes, posture changes, muscle separation, and stress.

One solution to this is professional Meridians and Tissues Manipulation (MTM) therapy as postpartum treatment in Singapore. Therapists on Wheels provides fully certified therapy and treatments at the comfort of your home.

The Meridians Tissue Manipulation massage is a form of remedy massage using buffalo horn. The horn will allow the therapist to penetrate deeper to unlock the knots in your muscle to provide an effective relief to your chronic backache and stiff muscles.

We also provide the finest application of Meditrina Cream with extract of Chasteberry. Known for its healing properties, it helps to promote good blood circulation, repair loose skin after childbirth, and refine the elasticity of stretch marks and balances body Ph and hormones. The treatment is also recommended for slimming.


Real Before & After Photos from our MTM Therapy

The following photos show the changes from before the therapy, after 10 sessions of Meditrina eliminating dead skins from surface as shown, and finally the results results after completion of sessions with visible fair and smooth skin.



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